Pick up the phone and good things may happen.

Call me crazy but I actually like to speak with people.  It certainly benefits my clients.  I had two cases this past month where I was able to work with the prosecutor to get the charges dismissed.  This was accomplished either in person or over the phone. These were relatively low level cases with evidence issues but I do not think I would have been able to advocate for my client in the same manner via email.

We blast too many emails in this digital era.  And, yes, I do not necessarily practice what I preach.   I find myself blasting off 20+ emails a day.  The email certainly provides me with a tool for quick updates.  It is wonderful for scheduling and documenting certain communications.  But so much is lost at times.

I know that I am not the first to convey this idea.  It is something that hit me recently.  Next time I sit down to send an email, I am simply going to ask myself, is this matter better communicated over the phone or in person?

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