The Grand Opening!

The transition out of the Army is complete.  My firm, Millios Law, is open! Millios Law

I am proud to represent servicemembers from all branches, veterans, and residents of the great state of Minnesota.

Please let me know what you think about the website.

It is exciting to run my practice that focuses on providing quality representation to a limited number of clients.  Serving as a defense lawyer on active duty felt like triage at times.  There were too many servicemembers who needed help and not enough lawyers.

My time is also spent helping veterans at the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans.  Please check out their website if you would like to get help at a clinic or volunteer.  MAC-V

The Decision

I will be a full time criminal defense attorney starting June 2015.  After 8 years of Active Duty as a JAG, I will enter private practice this summer.  The Millios Law Firm will soon be taking clients in need of my services.  My primary practice areas will be military law, Minnesota and Federal criminal law, and Veteran services.

This past fall, I realized that I had an important decision to make after being told that being a defense attorney was “killing my career in the Army.”  I needed to return to working for commanders and be a “broadly skilled Judge Advocate.”  There is no dedicated defense counsel career path in the Army.  Decision time.

My dilemma: Give up an organization that has been good to me and provides fantastic benefits or take a risk and commit myself to defending people full time.   The decision became clear after consulting with my family and reflecting on what motivates me personally and professionally.  It came down to people and relationships.   I wanted to continue to take care of people and build relationships in order to help them.  So how do I accomplish that?  I am opening my own law firm dedicated to defending and advocating for those who need my experience and knowledge.

I take pride in introducing myself to boards, judges and juries.  “I am Mike Millios and I represent Mr./Ms./SFC Jones (Fictional Name, of course).”  Being a lawyer empowers me to help and advocate for people.   I get the opportunity everyday to effect change in the lives of my clients.  I don’t grind hours in a firm.  I don’t punch a clock.  I work only for those I represent.  It is an awesome responsibility that drives me to be the best.

The doors of the Millios Law Firm will open soon!